Practicality of Commitment in an Ever Changing Hobby

Lately I have been looking around. Letting my eyes stray away from VWs. Yes it’s true, I have been looking elsewhere. Why? Because there is a question of practicality that comes into play at some point.


My bus closer to when I first bought it.


My bus today.

If you look at The Samba and Craigslist on a regular basis like I do, lately you have been seeing the landscape changing. The split bus has now escalated in price to the point where it’s pre resto cost for a “core” bus is right up there with many a muscle cars. Bay windows aren’t quite there yet but single and double cab versions are scarce and costly and that’s for rusty examples with many issues. When I got my bay it was pretty cheap. However, when you factor in all of the work i’ve done is it? I’ve rebuilt the entire drive train minus the trans, which needs rebuilt. A partial rewire, new engine, complete new beam with all new everything and the entire braking system. Plus it had some chevy seats in it and the walk through was cut up when I got it. It took a donor bus, $6500 and hundreds of hours of work to get it where it is today.  All this and it still needs lots of body work and extensive rust repair, interior and various other seals and parts to make it whole again.  I really like it and it’s fun to take to shows, as long as they aren’t too far away. It’s great for runs to home depot as the roof rack makes for a long hauling space.

So that being said, I’ve been looking at 1998 through 2001 Porsche 911. It seems to be priced right for what you can get. It goes fast and has A/C, cruise and all of the modern amenities that the air cooled VWs will never have. Sorry sweetheart (air cooled vw) I have feelings for your sister, Porsche. We need to spend some time apart….


Update: I sold the bus to a friend who loves it more than me. I lost money on it but it went to the right guy who took it in and then straight to the body shop. I’ll post a photo here when I see it next.